Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Blog in a Nutshell

Through Sharon's blog, I saw a cool thing called Wordle. In Wordle, you put the url of your blog, and it will bring up a "word picture" of your blog. I thought this was SO NEAT! Some of the words are totally random, like copy or take or every. But, I did love it that the big words were our names and things like love, family, pictures (duh), and balance, work, play! I think this Wordle overall is a perfect little "picture" of what's important on my blog. Here's my Wordle for this blog... click on the little picture to bring it up larger.
Wordle: Blog Wordle

I will admit I used one cheat... I removed the word "Sven" from my Wordle. It was DOMINATING the whole thing! I don't know why... I guess because it has so many comments on my blog right now or something?

Follow up- I just redid my Wordle to show Saunders, and it must have something to do with what you've posted recently, because "microwave" now dominates my Wordle! :)


Staceybby said...

Ok, I did a wordle, but I can't figure out how to put it in my blog?

Katie Jones said...

Click "Save to Gallery" in the bottom right corner below your Wordle. Fill out the little information, click OK, and then it will load your Wordle again... the html code you need to paste into the HTML window of a new blog post will be below your Wordle now.

Carrie Beth said...

Very neat!

Vanessa said...

That's so interesting! I'll have to try it!

Dr J said...

Freaking AWESOME>>>>>
Now what am I gonna do tomorrow......Ill be doing this ALL DAY!!!!