Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bon Qui Qui Revisted

If you've never seen the Bon Qui Qui video, you should watch it. It's totally hilarious, and there are definitely some high-quality eating establishments right here in good old Bartow where you can find that top-notch brand of service.

I'd seen the video a few months ago, and Saunders and I love to say, "DO you see me in the middle of a con-vo-sation? Don't interrupt - rude." Well, my brother Greg posted the video on his blog yesterday, and we checked it out this morning... this was Katie Anne's first time to see it, and she thought it was hilarious! She especially loved the dancing at the end (which, I know, is not something she should be emulating at this point), and she totally busted out her own little version. It was SO funny!

So, watch the real thing first, then watch this video of Katie Anne inspired by Bon Qui Qui.


Kelly said...

OMLord that was funny. Katie Anne's version was funnier than MadTV's!

Dr J said...

(beat boxing)
on my mike is a queen now listen to me sing
he wants a number three super size onion ring
(beat boxing)
he could come out the house wit no ankle bracelet on
but hes got two strikes so dont get his order wrong
(beat boxing)
we no im really cute and theres nothin u can say
but if u get with me we can do it ur way....hey!

Jillian said...

I love that Dr. Jones just quoted the lyrics to that video!! ...he knows whud up wit King Burger hehe