Saturday, January 24, 2009

These are not the droids you're looking for...

"These are not the droids you're looking for ... you will not need to see their identification ..."

Actually, Katie Anne is not channeling Obi-Wan Kenobi here. She's playing a little game she loves to call "Little Queen".

Wondering how to play Little Queen?
Step 1:
Have a parent drape a blanket or towel over your head. This is your royal robe. The preferred royal robe is green fleece (see photo), but pink fleece will also work in an emergency.
Step 2:
Walk very slowly around so as not to lose your royal robe.
Step 3:
It is preferred for the little queen to be silent, but grunts can be uttered. Speaking while dressed in your royal robe is, for some unknown reason, not permitted.
Step 4:
If you must be carried while in your royal garb, you must be carried as if you are in a chair... facing out, with your legs bent as if you're sitting. Put your back against your servant's belly, and do not turn around or make eye contact with them. One arm of the servant carrying you should be placed under your legs to support you... the little queen does not support her own weight. Under no circumstances should your servant (aka parent) muss the royal robe while carrying you.
Step 5:
If your robe should happen to slip off, little queens do not ask nicely for said robe to be replaced. Little queens squeal, "Lil' Queen! Lil' Queen!" repeatedly as loudly as possible until a servant (aka parent) rushes over to re-shroud you. Then, you may commence the game. Under no circumstances should you attempt to replace your own royal robe... do not stoop to that level.
Step 6:
Periodically during your reign as Little Queen, gesture and grunt (remember, speaking is not permitted) that you would like to look at yourself in the mirror in the guest bathroom - ONLY the guest bathroom. When you see yourself in your radiant loveliness, only then are you allowed to break your vow of silence and seriousness to smile and giggle. If your servant wants to smile and laugh with you, you may permit this (or not) based on your mood. If you do not want your servant bearer laughing with you, you may utter two words - "You hush." (Warning - this may lead to a not-so-royal spanking... a silent glare might be a better weapon.) As soon as the viewing is over, return to your stoic, slow-moving royal self.
Step 7:
Royal game playing continues until the little queen gets bored (usually about 5 minutes) or bedtime, whichever comes first.



Kelly said...

I love that Little Queen is carrying her baby by the leg. So royal! :) I love that KA is already so imaginative.

courtney said...

Katie - I read your blog on a regular basis - you have a wonderful way with words & I always feel like I've witnessed whatever you are writing about, but this took the cake! I laughed so hard - KA is just adorable as the Little Queen - Luke's imagination is not quite that advanced :)
Keep up the great posts!!!!

(Luke's mommy for IV PJs)

Magnolia Designs said...

I seriously have tears rolling down my face as I read that...I love every part of that, especially the "you hush" part. I can totally relate to playing by their rules!!! You keep me in it!