Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're on a First Name Basis

Katie Anne has always liked playing with my work name tag, and about two weeks ago, she asked me what it said. So, I showed her where it says, "Katie Jones - Teacher". She said, "No- Mommy!" and pointed to my picture... I quickly got the point that she thought the name tag should say Mommy instead of Katie Jones. So, I told her about Katie Jones being my real name. For a few days, she liked pointing to it and saying, "Katie Jones - Teacha!"

Then, a few days later, I told her that her last name was Jones, too. So, she got onto a real kick of saying "Katie Anne Jooooooonnnnnnnneeeesssss!" Now, she calls herself Katie Anne Jones a lot.

A few days later, she got interested in other people's first names. So, we went over other people's first names, and she picked up on them pretty quickly. Now, she knows the first name of both parents and all her grandparents - much to Saunders's chagrin. He prefers to be called Daddy! One funny thing was when she started asking what Greg, Jillian, Carlton, and Trisha's real names were... she totally does not get that those are their real names.

Here's a little video that I made today of her saying some first names.


Vanessa said...

I love it! She is sooo smart! I loved when Lily learned her name - it was always said as one long word too!

Pat said...

She is TOOOOO CUTE!!!! And so smart!! Loved this one!!!

cindy glawson said...