Thursday, January 1, 2009

My "Not To Do" List

In this month’s Real Simple magazine, they had a great list of “Not” New Years’ Resolutions… basically, things you’re resolving not to do in 2009. I thought this was a great idea because it’s much easier to decide not to do something that vice versa! So, here are my “not” resolutions…

1. I will not bust our budget.

2. I will not start a new hobby.

3. I will not take toddler time with Katie Anne for granted – she’s growing up so fast!

4. I will not subscribe to any more magazines.

5. I will not bring any teaching work home with me.

6. I will not go skiing.

7. I will not get another pet.

8. I will not feel guilty if I don’t fold and put away underwear or socks. Its fine to get them straight out of the

clean laundry basket- never killed anyone that I know of.

9. I will not circle and circle the parking lot looking for the best spot.

10. I will not waste Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday wishing it was the weekend.

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