Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Last night, we celebrated New Year's Eve with our friends. While Katie Anne rocked in the New Year with Gigi and Granddad, we went out to dinner with the McWhorters and then to a party at the Adamses. (Thanks for the babysitting duties, Gigi and Granddad!)

Our evening started at The Waterstone Grill, where we listened to Doc play jazzy favorites (including Auld Lang Syne) while enjoying some delicious food. Josh and I had the shrimp and lobster bisque - very tasty - and Saunders and Vanessa had a salad. Josh, Vanessa, and I all ate the filet with cheesy mashed potatoes - yum - and Saunders had the lamb roast with creamed spinach. We had SUCH a fun time at dinner. We laughed until literally my face hurt - mostly at Josh's expense, but I promised I wouldn't blog the story or else I'd face the wrath of being featured on the new embarrassing blog he's dreaming up.

Vanessa & Josh - still laughing!

Whew- can you tell I had my first post-mono drink to celebrate 2009?
Oh, but it was such a delicious apple martini...
Vanessa tries to make up for hurting Josh's feelings!
Then, we headed back to Cartersville to Natalie and Brandon's house for their annual New Year's Eve party, complete with their classic forms of entertainment- beer pong and fireworks! This year, we abstained from the beer pong, and thank goodness we did... some new guest was sneaking in strange concoctions to the cups, and Natalie was the poor victim. Natalie had tons of yummy snacks, and everyone had a great time. We had lots of fun catching up with Natalie and Brandon and hanging out with some of their friends. We rang in the New Year and watched Brandon set off his fireworks (against Natalie's better judgement), then it was off to home and sleep!

Saunders with a celebratory cigar

I tried to be good and make this martini really weak... but I accidentally used a melon liqueur that I thought was a non-alcoholic mixer as the main part of my drink. Whoops!

Happy New Year, Saunders!
Josh doesn't look too happy here... still hasn't forgiven Vanessa!

Brandon is just as addicted to his camera as I am!

Natalie's attempt at smiling for the camera!

Love the facial hair, Josh! :)

11:59 PM - Waiting for the ball to drop...

My fun friends and me

One of Brandon's fireworks- they really were good ones!

Happy New Year, everybody!


Vanessa said...

We had a great time with y'all last night! The website isn't up yet, but I was told this morning he was still going to do it:) I don't think he's seen your post yet!

Dr J said...

Thanks for coming everybody......a good time was had by all!!