Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now We're Cookin!

On Sunday, Christmas came a little bit late... we got our new microwave! Saunders and I did not exchange gifts this year- just stockings. Instead, we agreed to get each other a new microwave. Our microwave was the only pre-renovation appliance left in our house, and it was a little funky... stains that wouldn't come clean regardless of cleaning products applied, light underneath didn't work, vent for stove didn't work, and it had been dying a slow death until about August, when it officially went kaput.

So, we grabbed the dorm/college apartment/classroom little microwave that my mom bought used ten years ago... a hard working little appliance, but let me stress - little. That little guy's been taking up room on the counter top all fall and barely being able to heat up frozen veggies... you had to double whatever time the directions called for when microwaving things. So, this has not been a want - this is a need!

Well, things got busy and we didn't get it bought before Christmas. But, it is a good thing we didn't, because we were able to use some store credit we got during the holidays at Best Buy AND we got a great post-New Year sale... so this lovely, big microwave (retails at $299) only cost us $74! Can you believe it?!

It is wonderful... clean, shiny, microwaves just right, has a light, and vents over the stove! Our SteamFresh broccoli came out perfectly with dinner. I'm so pumped about the new deal-ish-ious microwave!

Out with the old... in with the new! At this point, the old one's in the box and the new one's wrapped up on the floor.

Our old crusty microwave, ready for removal. Boo- so nasty! Gives me the creeps!
Handy Manny! Saunders removed the old microwave all by himself.

When we realized that A) touching the old greasy microwave made me freak out, so I wasn't much help and B) we needed an electric screwdriver to do it right, we called in the cavalry... aka Dad.

Working hard, or hardly working? You decide. Haha- just kidding! They did a great job.

Ohh, a little slice of appliance heaven!


cindy glawson said...

It looks great. Congrats.

Carrie Beth said...

woo hoo! I know you'll love it.

Vanessa said...

Good for you! I'm impressed that they could install it themselves - that wouldn't happen in the McWhorter house!

Dr J said...

Yes, my son has some MAD assembly skills!!!!