Saturday, April 4, 2009

Katie Anne's Birthday Party

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Today at noon, we celebrated Katie Anne's second birthday with a party at our house. We had tables set up on the driveway, hot dogs on the grill, and lots of playground stuff in the backyard. Katie Anne had an absolute blast! She was looking forward to the party all day, and thankfully she took a little nap just before her party, so she was all ready to go.

Katie Anne was so shocked when she came out the back door and saw all the guests, tables, and decorations! It took her a few minutes to get her bearings since she'd just woken up, but she quickly realized that it was "Saturday, April Foowrth" and it was her birthday party! She ran around with all her friends, playing and laughing and having such fun.

For lunch, we had hot dogs with toppings, baked beans from Gigi, potato salad from VJ, and chips. Then, Katie Anne had the moment she'd been waiting for... everyone sang to her and she got to blow out her "can-nels"! We had a big cake for everyone else and a tiny cake just for her. Katie Anne was in heaven the whole time everyone was singing... she just looked at me and smiled the biggest grin the whole time! I think it all lived up to her expectations.

After cake and ice cream, Katie Anne and her buddies played a little more in the backyard, and then she opened all her presents. She got so many great things! Lots of fun art supplies and crafty things like paint, play doh, and an exploration box... cute summer dresses... tea sets and play food... lots of books... dress up clothes... a little digital camera of her own... a big slide for the backyard... and more! She was so grateful for all of it and told everone thank you. She played all evening with her new stuff, and we literally had to tear her away at bedtime. The last gift she got was the one from us... a John Deere Gator! When we rolled it out from its hiding place, she screamed, "My like it!" and ran straight to it. Lily, KA, and Brodie all took turns driving it, with Ella in the back screaming, "Whee!" and holding on for dear life!

We had such a great time at the party, and I think Katie Anne truly loved every minute. The weather was amazing, the company was great, and the food was tasty. We've got many great memories of the day Katie Anne turned two!


Jillian said...

Sooo cute!! I wish I could have been there..what a cute outfit, cake, and party! Happy 2nd Bday KA!!

cindy glawson said...

It was a great party! One of the best and turned out perfect at your house. Katie Anne smiled all day! She loved it!

Staceybby said...

What a great party! I'm so sorry we missed it. I have her gift and I'll get it in the mail to you this week!

Vanessa said...

The party was great! We all had such a great time and you could tell Katie Anne really enjoyed herself! I can't believe she's 2!

GTG said...

Yay for the only birthday hug!

GTG said...

lmao no. I haven't posted in 2 weeks... waiting to get some pictures from the bouce house thing too, and post that and the bday at the same time ( I was gonna steal your smilebox pics).