Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yard Sale Deal-o-Rama!

On Saturday, my mom, Katie Anne, and I went yard sale shopping. It is something my mom and I have never gotten to do because she's worked almost every Saturday, but now she's getting a lot more Saturdays off from work, so we thought we'd give it a try! (Saunders was all too happy to oblige us, and he quickly planned a bargain hunting trip himself - to search for an on-sale golf club.)

I have, however, been yard selling before... my grandparents would take Greg and I to yard sales, armed with a few $1 bills for each of us, in the summertime, and they liked to have yard sales, too. Greg and I would comb through our parents' donate pile and pull out anything we thought we could sell - men's blue jeans are hot selling items! I usually ran the money box, and Greg combed the crowd, searching for potential "sticky fingers"! We looked forward to the yard sale - and the little bit of spending money we got when we sold old toys and Dad's jeans - each summer.

So, we headed out on Saturday morning with no real goal in mind - just looking for any sweet deals. I found TONS! Guess my childhood training in deal hunting has paid off! My mom got two great buys, too. Here's what we got...

My mom got a Fisher Price picnic table...
Retail: $45 - Her cost: $20!

She also got a tricycle for Katie Anne...Retail: $50 - Her cost: $0! That's right - free! Someone just gave it to her!

My big find was two base cabinets for the playroom...Retail: $420 for both - My cost: $20 for both!

I also bought Katie Anne a Fisher Price Smart Cycle...
Retail: $100 - My cost: $8!

I got an antique baby bed - needs a new base, and I'll make some bedding for it...(Hard to find a retail on this, but I think this one is comparable)
Retail: $34 - My cost: $5!

I got a big box of cookie cutters (which I'll use in kindergarten for Play-Doh), plus a few random maracas and bouncy balls...
Retail: $13 - My cost: $3!

I got two flower wall hooks for the playroom, which I'll repaint...Retail: $20 for both - My cost: $1 for both!

I got two pair of practically brand-new high heels:
Chinese Laundry ones...
Retail: $60 - My cost: $2!

and a black pair of Mossimo slides (can't find a picture)...
Estimating retail: $20 - My cost: $1!

So, if you add all of the retail costs together of things we got, you'd get a grand total of: $762. If you add up what we paid for them, you'd get: $60.

That's a savings of $702!!!

Yes, most of those things are used, and some of them need a little painting or work, so let's knock off a hundred bucks or even two or three!!! That's still big time deals, peoples!!!


Vanessa said...

Great finds! Katherine came to our yard sale the other weekend and said that she finds all kinds of great deals for the house and toys for Lauren...I may have to give it a shot!

Trisha said...

yay for the great deals! i just read a blog i'm following and she had a great post which had a link in it leading to a prior hilarious post. she's really fun to read and has so many great tips. but this post was about her yard sale tips and tricks, and i thought of you!
(how do mens' slacks sell, if jeans are so hot?)