Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Blankie Jacket

On Monday evening, we headed to Shane Company to pick up Saunders's wedding ring. I'd gotten my wedding ring sized the week before (It looks awesome, by the way! So bright and shiny - and it actually fits! They had to take it down from an 8.5 to a 7! And, all of it - sizing - cleaning -and rhodium dipping - was FREE!), so we dropped off Saunders's when we picked mine up.

After we got the ring and got something to eat at Rafferty's, we stopped by Costco for paper towels and toilet paper. Of course, Costco being the mesmerizing shopping mecca that it is, we were sucked in to many additional purchases ... black socks and a dress shirt for Saunders, a Halloween craft idea magazine for me, and a winter jacket for Katie Anne. She's obsessed with her pink blankie right now, and I thought this jacket looked a lot like it. Best of all - it was only $15.99!

Well, she did love it - and I mean LOVE it. She put it on in Costco and wore it all through the store. She got too hot and took it off in the parking lot, but she still held it in the car seat all the way home. Katie Anne kept calling it her "blankie jacket" and loves that it is reversible, although she cannot figure out which side exactly qualifies as "the soft side". Here she is modeling it when we got home... I know all these pictures are similar, but how can you choose just one?After she got ready for bed, she insisted on sleeping with it. We tried to talk her out of it, and explained that the zipper might hurt her face when she laid on it, but there was no getting around it - she was sleeping with that blankie jacket. Here she is on Tuesday morning, cuddled up with her new jacket on our bed, watching Dora while Saunders and I get ready for work.
I'm so glad she loves the great deal I got at Costco, but who knows if this cute jacket will even make it to winter? She'll probably rub it threadbare before then! :)


The Brown Family said...

I am so so glad to see that she still has a paci! I have agonized over Addison's but I just can't take it yet. She won't be 2 until Feb. so I am thinking I will just let it go until then. What is your plan of action? Cause I know you have one. Addison ONLY has hers at night and nap now and sometimes on long car rides. But she loves it so much and so sweetly calls it her "patchy"

Katie Jones said...

Katie Anne didn't take a pacifier until 14 months old! She found one in a basket when I was cleaning out her closet last summer, tried it... and somehow was hooked. She only has it at night - we took it away at naps a few months ago. We were hanging on to it to ease her into the big twin bed transition, so now it is time to let it go! We are actually formulating a plan now... Saunders and I were just talking about it yesterday morning! When we decide what to do, I'll let you know!