Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Finished Classroom

How did my classroom go from this ...And this ...

To this?

Through lots of help!
It took about two full weeks of work to get the classroom ready for Open House on Monday night. I could not have done it without much help from the family. I really appreciate everyone's hard work over the past few days and weeks! We were working so hard that I didn't take pictures of us working... but, since we worked for most of the time without any air conditioning, none of us really wanted to take pictures anyway!

I would like to officially thank all of my "classroom helpers" for all their hard work
(and I realize that I made up many of these verbs):
My mom Cindy - for cleaning, organizing, unpacking, bulletin board making, and much more
My dad Thomas - for hauling, moving, pressure washing, hot gluing, and much more
My mother-in-law Vicki - for sticky-taping, trimming, magnet-ing, hot gluing, and much more
My father-in-law Big Saunders - for letter making, die cutting, trimming, laminating, and much more
My husband Saunders - for trimming laminate at night while watching tv and for searching desperately for hot glue sticks when I needed them
and, of course,
My daugher Katie Anne - for cleaning, untaping, pulling down butcher paper, and all her other hard work.

Now, the classroom is ready for my new kindergartners and their first day of school today!
Wish me luck!


Vanessa said...

It looks great! I'm so glad you had a great 1st day! You little kindergarteners are so lucky to have you as their teacher!

Pat said...

Wow! I guess when they say "it takes a village" it is true!!! Glad you had lots of help! What a lucky girl you are to have all that help!

cindy glawson said...

It was an oven in there but it looks great! I hope it is a wonderful year.