Friday, August 28, 2009

Go Mighty Hurricanes!

It takes a little more to be a Cane!
Cartersville - 14
Cass - 6

Tonight, we went to the first CHS football game of the season, which just happened to be the most anticipated rivalry game of the season - the Cartersville vs. Cass game! This game pits the city school system against the county school system, and it has been a big grudge match for years and years.

Because this is the most crowded game of the season, we arrived an hour before game time. Luckily, my dad arrived about five minutes before us and saved some seats, because the stadium was almost full - even at that early hour!

I saw lots and lots of my former students (fourth grade ones - the first graders from last year are too young to walk around the track at games, hopefully). Can you believe that my first class of fourth graders are sophomores now!? I can't! I love seeing my former students, hearing what they're doing, and getting big hugs from them. I've got twelve former students on the varsity football team and four on the varsity cheerleading squad!

Katie Anne with my four former students:
Caroline, Carey, Anna, and Erin!
I love this picture!
Those were my babies before I had my own baby -
how did they get so grown up?

Keeping a two-year-old entertained in a crowded football stadium for an hour before the game (and during the game, because I thought football wouldn't be too exciting for a toddler) was something I was prepared for... I had a big bag full of crayons, Barbies, Little People, finger puppets, fruit snacks, Goldfish, and more! Turns out, we really didn't need it - for one, it was WAY too packed to do much playing. Two, Katie Anne was pretty interested in the action. All she really needed was two hot dogs, one strawberry snowcone, her blankie, and she was set.

Intently watching the first driving of the game...
here, she is in mid-yell- "Go Canes!"

Katie Anne loved the pregame show, the band, the cheerleaders, and even the game. She wanted to know what was going on, so I told her the boys in the purple shirts were trying to run the ball this way, and the boys in the white shirts were trying to stop them. Katie Anne's very familiar with the "tackling" concept thanks to Daddy, so she yelled out, "TACKLE!" whenever anyone took another player down. She greatly enjoyed penalty flags being thrown - she got that idea down pretty fast. Whenever she saw the yellow flags go flying, she'd yell out, "Oops, the Canes made a mistake!" Unfortunately for the Canes, she was right ... Saunders thinks they had over 100 yards in penalities! It looks like it will be a long season! Fortunately, they were able to pull out the win over the Colonels 14-6.

Our little cheerleader!

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