Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Doc!

On Saturday night, we celebrated Doc's birthday with a party at Saunders's parents' house. Vicki had invited over several of their couple friends as well as us, Carlton and Trisha, and Grandmama. The plan was to swim and picnic outside, but the rain (although much appreciated for the grass) put the end to that plan.

However, the party continued on inside! We hung out in the living room before all the guests arrived - Katie Anne played with her baby dolls and Vespa and had a great time. After everyone else got there, we ate dinner. Vicki had lots of yummy food, including chicken cordon bleu, meatballs, creamed corn, Agan's rolls, and lots more tasty things. After dinner, the kids (aka Saunders, Katie, Katie Anne, Carlton, and Trisha) went outside for a little late swim in the pool. The excitement of the swim session was animal related... there was a snake in the pool that swam right by Trisha's leg! She remained totally calm and notified the rest of us swimmers, and Carlton scooped it out with the net and let KA check it out before he tossed it over the fence. Then, Vespa chased out some teeny tiny frogs from under a lounge chair. Carlton caught one, and Katie Anne was absolutely thrilled! I would've loved to have kept that little froggy - he was such a cute little guy! But, after a few minutes, we sat him free.

When we went inside, we had dessert. There was hummingbird cake, peach cobbler, and sugar cookies from Agan's! Katie Anne had a giant pink crown sugar cookie which she loved, and Trisha and I poured ourselves big glasses of milk and ate butterfly and penquin cookies. Katie Anne performed a few songs for VJ's friends, and they were quite entertained with her little show. She was too shy in front of all the new people to sing Happy Birthday, but she gave Doc such a big around-the-neck hug when we were leaving that he had to fake passing out to get her to let go! It was very cute! We had a fun time at the party - Happy Birthday, Doc!

Hanging out in the living room.
Katie Anne shows Grandmama how to feed Cry Baby.
Doesn't Katie Anne looked totally thrilled to be sitting with Mommy?Carlton kicking it back.Little Vespa on the hunt for small dropped toys or cookie bites.Katie Anne, in a much better mood than before, at the dinner table.Lighting all Doc's candles!
Trisha and Saunders are ready to sing Happy Birthday!
Blowing out the candles!
VJ relit one of Doc's candles so KA could have a turn.

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cindy glawson said...

Looks like a great party! Vicky did a fabulous job! Happy Birthday Doc!