Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Enjoy Being A Girl!

Dear Future Son(s),

Do not read too much into this post years from now when you stumble across it. Of course, I am really looking forward to having sons. Of course, I can't wait to do boy things. Of course, if I had had a son first, I would be loving the fact that I would be doing all kinds of boy things right now. But, right now, I'm enjoying having a girly girl in my house.


I really
enjoy being a girl. Although I am not too "girly" in a lot of ways (not a big crier, like watching football, dislike most "rom-coms" and prefer guy flicks, don't usually wear lipstick, never watched Friends, own and enjoy shooting guns, have gotten into the occasional fist fight when it was necessary), I am still girly. I love make-up and am rarely without at least a little of it on my face. I fix my hair every. single. day. before leaving the house. I wore white kid gloves on a regular basis growing up. I wear a lot of pink. I don't like to sweat. I don't really like to be dirty.

So, I am really enjoying having a girl! And Katie Anne is such a girl. Not an annoying, cloying girl, but a nice healthy mix of girly, feminine, sweet, fluffy, I-can-still-get-you-in-the-guard-and "bring the pain"-when-necessary girl.

I keep my make-up in a little clear Sterlite container in the cabinet in the bathroom. Guess who has her own box full of make-up just like Mommy? That's right, Katie Anne. And it isn't fake make-up ... oh, no. We got too smart for that at about 18 months. So, her box is filled with tightly-sealed Merle Norman samples and rejected-by-Mommy Bare Minerals products. Almost every morning, she sits down in the bathroom and puts on her make-up while I do mine. In these pictures, she's wearing her pajama top and my old ballet practice skirt ... an outfit of her own design.

Opening her mouth when she applies make-up, just like a big girl.

A little "eye polish" as she calls it ... these are actually wrinkle gel packs.

Getting out a cotton ball for her toner.

Cleaning her face with it.

Even Mommy doesn't escape unscathed... here, Katie Anne applies "sunscreen" to my legs while I'm fixing my hair.

Is this too much, you say? Am I making her too focused on her appearance- insecure or vain? Perhaps she shouldn't be seeing her mommy primping in front of the mirror and copy that behavior, you declare. Well, go back up and watch the video at the top of this post! I am so glad I had a girl so I can shop with her, put on make-up together, and eventually do things like pedicures together. We Enjoy Being Girls!


cindy glawson said...

She is such a girl now! I love it, too! Poor Saunders is so greatly outnumbered!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with that!! Ella does the same thing (with the real make up too). Girls are just naturally drawn to these things:)

Trisha said...

I threaten Carlton about giving me a boy first, and I (mostly) mean it! Baby #1 is a boy? We're hitting up China next!

But seriously, I don't think you're hurting KA at all by letting her play in your girly cosmetics. All girls do that! How smart of you to pass along the samples, too!

(And, my two favorite Gap commercials were this one and the commercial where Lenny Kravitz sang with his electric guitar "Pretty Lady" as she danced around!)