Saturday, August 22, 2009

Deals & Steals!

Today, we had a girls' shopping day with my mom, Jillian, me, and Katie Anne hitting the mall. First, we went to Macy's, where Jillian and I found some great shoe sales. I got a pair of flats and two pairs of sandals that are approved according to the new dress code at work. I got all three for $34.72, including tax!

Pair #1: Hue flats - originally $18, I paid $6.75

Pair #2: Bandolino wedges - originally $59, I paid $14.75

Pair #3 (my favorite): Rampage sandals - originally $45, I paid $11.25
Katie Anne found me a white pair of gladiators a lot like pair #3 that I really wanted, and Jillian found me a pair of very cool silver sandals that would've been excellent with black pants, but as is the way with clearance sometimes ... the Macy's clerk couldn't find the other half of the pair in the back. Boo hoo! A deal lost to the monster of disarray.

Also, crazy story - when Jillian and I were checking out, there was this lady in front of us buying two pairs of shoes. One were Jessica Simpson boots and I don't know what the other was, but she was going on and on to Jillian and I about the boots and how great they were. Then, she said, "Of course, neither pair that I got is on sale. Isn't that the way it always is? You find what you love, and it isn't on sale." Jillian and I just stared at each other ... in a shoe department with probably 1,000 pairs of shoes on major sale, this lady buys the two that are full price? Craziness. Her bill was $157 and change.

Then, we rolled on. My mom and Katie Anne went to The Disney Store, where they bought Katie Anne a fun Minnie Mouse tableware set.
While they were in there, Jillian and I stopped into Crazy Eight, which is a new store/clothing line by Gymboree. Whoa - super KA deals here!
I got everything pictured here... 13 shirts (4 short sleeve in fall colors and 9 long sleeve for fall or winter) plus four hairbow sets for only $78! The hairbows cost $11.98 for 8 hairbows, coming out at just $1.49 per bow. The shirts averaged $5.08 per shirt! That's cheaper than Walmart! I was so excited about these sales.

Then, we made a JC Penney stop. My parapro Gina had given me a coupon for JC Penney that was $10 off a $25 purchase. By this point, it was almost lunch time, so I didn't have a ton of time to shop, but I still managed to find these four cute new shirts on the 75% off rack while my mom occupied Katie Anne at a new playground in the mall.

Guess how much I paid for all four shirts!?! $15 and change! Unbelievable, right? The purple and pink sleeveless each cost $2.99, and the black sleeveless and polka dot tops both cost $4.49. I didn't even intend to get the pink sleeveless one... I had just brought it to the register because the purple one didn't have a price tag. However, the purple, black, and polka dot shirts didn't add up to $25, so I couldn't use my coupon. So, I threw in the pink one, and just like that, my $23 bill dropped to $15! Add a shirt, save $10! That's nuts, right? The polka dot one originally retailed for $30 by itself. I couldn't believe I got four shirts for $15... that's $3.75 per shirt, including tax!

Then, Jillian went home while my mom, KA, and I hit up Costco. I got another one of her favorite jackets (this time in hot pink) to wear as a daycare coat this winter, and I got Saunders a Braves shirt to wear to the game tomorrow - only $15.99 for the Carter's coat and $6.97 for the Braves shirt! Deals & steals today, folks!


Vanessa said...

Crazy 8 is great - Josh and I discovered it at Christmas last year and found some great deals for Bear and Lily there!

Carrie Beth said...

Those are GREAT deals. I would give anything for a day of shopping. I love the shoes you got the best!