Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Domestic Diva

On Sunday morning, Saunders and I cleaned this house from top to bottom. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! During the first few weeks of school, I am so exhausted from trying to get everything going and get into the routine that I let all housework (other than essential things like laundry and dishes) slide. So, we had to whip the house into shape this weekend because it was looking rough.

Of course, our little domestic diva had to assist us. She helped me do lots and lots of laundry, shaking out khaki shorts so I could fold them, matching up her own socks, and carrying stacks of folded clothes into the right bedroom. She loves to help with laundry - hope that phase lasts into the teenage years! She loves to get a damp paper towel or cloth sprayed with Pledge and help dust - she's done that since she was just a baby (or, to be more exact, since September 2008). And, of course, she had to vacuum with her little vacuum cleaner.

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