Monday, August 24, 2009

Hoppy (or Froggy) the Frog!

You may remember that, last May, I brought home Shark (a beta fish formerly named "Jack the Pirate Fish"). Katie Anne got to keep Shark in her room, and she got quite attached to him being there. I think she really enjoyed having a little pet of "her own". Who knows where she gets this? Definitely not from me. :)

Well, Shark returned to school last week, and her little fish bowl has sat empty on her dresser, waiting for another friend. Today, I was able to leave work at a semi-decent time (4:00 has now become decent), and Chloe was in need of rabbit food, so I thought we'd stop by Land and Sea to see what they had. Land and Sea is a local pet store owned by the mom of a former fourth grade student of mine, and I like to patronize the store whenever I can.

There were lots of cute animals there - tons of birds, gerbils, lizards, and a sweetie pie rabbit - and lots of fish. Katie Anne was really drawn to the African clawed frogs, and that sounded like a good idea to me. I'd almost gotten her a frog while we were in Florida this summer... I thought that would be a fun Shark replacement. I've had African dwarf frogs before, but they're small and can be hard to find in the bowl/tank. This clawed frog was big and bold, and she could easily see him swimming around. So, bag him up - he's ours!

She can't quite decide on a name for him. Her first idea when we were driving home was ... Car. Um, no. I gave her lots of froggish suggestions like Hoppy, Froggy, Ribbit, Leap, Jumper, Skippy, Pickle (his back kind of looks pickle-ish to me), and she seemed to decide on Hoppy. Then, when we got home, she said that she liked Froggy better - and that's what she calls him in the video. But, when Saunders got home, she introduced him as Hoppy again. Hoppy is what he's been all evening. So, I'm not exactly sure of his name. I liked Pickle!

Sooooo excited about getting the frog into the bowl!
Splash - there he goes!
Whoa!Showing Hoppy (or Froggy) a sweet smile.Cheesy frog-lover grin.Lots of kisses for our new friend! (Don't worry - the outside of the bowl was really clean.)
Welcome to our home, Hoppy-Froggy!
And, here's a video of Katie Anne feeding Hoppy his first meal ...

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