Thursday, August 13, 2009


Katie Anne and I started Kindermusik tonight! I thought we'd give Kindermusik a try since we're suffering withdrawals from all our summer activities. We had such a good time! Kindermusik is a lot like Toddler Time at the library... lots of singing, dancing, and instruments with a little story reading, too. To learn more about Kindermusik, click here. Katie Anne loved it! She's talked and talked about it and can't wait for next week.

I didn't take any pictures in class because we were soooo busy, but here's a picture Saunders snapped of us before we left for class.


Tara said...

very cool! We're also going to Kindermusic for the first time and we're in the 10:30am class. We love it too. I put the Kindermusic CD on in the car yesterday and Ramsey would say "more, More" after each song. I think it's a hit. Hope school has started back good.

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

That picture is great!!