Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Toy Time!

One of our nursery projects that Katie Anne has been really looking forward to has been getting the baby stuff out of the "attic" (the upstairs bedrooms) for Baby Saunders.  She's ready to get everything down and set up, so I pacified her with getting out the bag full of little baby toys for her to organize into baskets in the nursery.  She had a great time going through all her old stuff and choosing what SJ4 would like.  She rejected a lot of things that were "too girly", tossed some toys that looked old or stained, and had a small pile of toys (including Cookie Monster) that were labeled "too scary" - those we put back upstairs for later.  
Here are some pictures of the big sister organizing fun!
Testing out some of the goods to make sure they're Baby Saunders worthy:
Hey- this looks awesome!
Carefully organizing the toys into the big red baskets:
Katie Anne took this picture of the filled basket herself:
I wanted to take a picture of Katie Anne smiling at the camera, and Abby wanted to get in it, too:
Then, Katie Anne wanted to take a picture of me posing with a toy:

After we got through organizing the toys, Katie Anne spent a little time playing in there.  She loves having the changing area set up - it makes the perfect place to pretend like she's changing all her babies!
We've had to have the "Desitin is JUST for pretending with stuffed animals" talk!
Katie Anne is going to be a great big sister!

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Trisha Jones said...

It looks like Katie Anne is prepping herself for a smooth transition from Only Child to Big Sister. Come on, 4, we're ALL ready for you!