Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Sister Surprises!

One of the last items on my to-do list before I went back to work was to finish up my "big sister surprise" project.  Earlier this summer, I started to think about a big sister present for Katie Anne.  I considered getting her a big present, like a Baby Alive, to open after Baby Saunders is born.  However, I was afraid the fun would wear off fast with one big item.  Instead of getting her one big item, I decided to get her lots of little inexpensive things.  I remember one of my mom's friends sending Greg a package full of small wrapped gifts after he had surgery as a kid, and he loved picking out one thing to open each day.  I thought it might be exciting for her to have small things to open during those first few days at home with Baby Saunders.  Hopefully, these will all be things that she can play with independently while I'm busy with the baby, too. 

I've been keeping my eyes open for fun but inexpensive little items all summer long to wrap up for her.  I've gotten lots of fun things like puzzles, a Polly Pocket doll set, books, coloring sets, little toys, etc.  Here's part of her big sister surprise collection:

I picked up a fun roll of wrapping paper at Big Lots for $1, and today I wrapped everything up!

I hid the basket of goodies upstairs, and we'll bring it down when we get home from the hospital.  Hopefully our new big sister will love all her surprises!

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cindy glawson said...

Great gifts. We will be forever grateful to Melissa Carswell for this wonderful idea. I've used it lots of times!