Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Blanket Bingo

After we said goodbye to Greg and Jillian, the rest of us headed back to the beach for more fun in the sun.  Katie Anne and Saunders were very excited to get back to the beach!
No, my photogenic child does not cooperate all the time ... see?  :) 
I could tell after only a minute or two that it was going to be a "photojournalistic" kind of day.

For some reason, this trip to the beach was very hard on me - much more than the first day.  I think it was sitting in the hard, wet sand with no support that was killing my back and hips - we'd been sitting in the softer, dry sand the first time we'd come to the beach, but that was earlier in the day and the tides were different.  After just a few minutes, I was dying and trying very hard not to be a party pooper.  Luckily, Saunders went on the hunt and rented me a beach chair for only $8 - money very well spent because I felt SO much better in the chair!

Since I didn't feel great, I spent a lot of time under the beach tent in my chair.  Saunders really stepped up and entertained Katie Anne the entire time I was resting - they played in the sand, blew bubbles from her bubble wand, and went out in the big waves in the ocean.  Katie Anne loved playing with Daddy at the beach, and she cried and cried when she had to get out of the water!

While Katie Anne and Saunders played and I rested my back, my parents walked back to the condo and made us a big beach picnic lunch!  They brought back sandwiches, chips, cheese, lots of drinks, and watermelon.  It was so fun to eat a picnic under the beach tent!

Once Gigi and Granddad got back, Saunders got to take a little break and get some sun while Katie Anne played in the sand with my mom and flew the beach kite with my dad.

Then, we spent some time looking in the sand for sea shells.  Luckily, after my rest in the chair, yummy lunch, and an icy cold washcloth that my mom brought for me to wash my face with, I felt like hunting for sea shells, too!

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cindy glawson said...

I love the pictures! You did a great job!