Friday, July 16, 2010

Katie Anne in her Twirly Skirt

Katie Anne was so excited about her twirly skirt!  
She tried it on this morning and modeled it for me.
Side view (she wanted to do both sides):
 Trying out the twirly-ness:
Model walk:

She looks so cute in it and will be all ready for football season!

She loves the skirt - especially the twirly-ness - and has now requested one in pink and one in purple.  Nice!  I think I'll make it a little shorter next time - I was just guessing with the length of this one.  It hits her about mid-calf, and I think it would be so cute to have a twirly skirt that's just above the knee... and it would only take 1/2 a yard to make it!


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable in her new twirly skirt! Great job! :)

cindy glawson said...

She looks so much like a grown up kid! I love the model picture. Beautiful

Pat said...

By football season it will be above her knee!!! That kid is growing so FAST!!!

Carrie Beth said...

Cute! And, I LOVE all the nursery projects. The boppy looks great and so do the curtains. His nursery is adorable.