Saturday, July 24, 2010

Classic Childhood Fun

Yesterday, while the LeafGuard gutter people were installing our new gutters (hooray!!!) and KA and I were trapped inside the house, she got to experience a classic childhood form of entertainment for the very first time ...
Building a living room fort!
Greg and I used to build some crazy-good forts from dining room chairs, couch cushions, sheets, etc... but for Katie Anne's first fort, I decided to keep it simple.  We went with the classic coffee table/couch edge design:
Once we got the fort all set up, she wasn't exactly sure what to do inside the fort ... so I told her that one of the best fort activities was flashlight reading!  
She was all about that, so we gathered up a few of her library books and her new pink and white flashlight, and in she went (with Peach, of course).  
 She stayed in her fort, reading to Peach, for almost 30 minutes ... only crawling out for a watered-down apple juice refill and a few Ritz crackers.
Living room forts = classic childhood fun times!

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