Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We love celebrating the 4th of July while on vacation at the beach.  Here are some pictures we made on the condo's deck after we got ready to go out.

This year, the celebration was a little wet - it rained all afternoon, and the bar-be-que at Rosemary Beach was basically rained out.  We were disappointed that we didn't get to have our bar-be-que picnic on the beach, but we found a great restaurant called Hurricanes Oyster Bar and Grill in Grayton Beach that more than made up for it!
Katie Anne showed me a lot of love at the restaurant... that went just a bit too far!  It almost cost me an eye!  
After dinner, we headed back to the condo just in time to catch the fireworks show!  
 Katie Anne loved them.  She said, "I think I'll be a firework when I grow up."  When I asked her if she was going to be the person who sat off the fireworks or the actual firework that went into the sky, she said, "I think I'll be what goes up into the sky.  I'll be a purplish, navy blueish, grayish-white firework."
 Happy Independence Day!

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