Thursday, July 22, 2010

Magna Doodles = Awesome

Do you know what I love?
Magna Doodles.
They are awesome.
They are highly superior to Aqua Doodles.
In short, Magna Doodles. are. awesome.
Want me to tell you why?
Sure you do.
Okay, here goes...
1. Small enough to slip in your purse.
2. Require no batteries or anything else to work.
3. Little "pen" is attached to Magna Doodle with string ... no losing it.
4. Semi-creative.
5. Kid can do the whole process by herself.
6. Silent ... ahh ...
7. Mess-free ... ahh ... 

I could probably keep going, but I'll stop.
Guess who else loves Magna Doodles?
Right- Katie Anne.
The Magna Doodle goes around the world with us, and she's gotten really good at drawing both pictures and letters on it.  Lately, the Magna Doodle has become our go-to toy in the car, which is awesome (see reasons 1-7 above).
Here's some of Katie Anne's Magna Doodle artwork from a few days ago.

Katie Anne with a picture of Daddy:

Katie Anne with a picture of Mommy:
(I realize KA looks a little high in this picture ... but it's a great drawing of me ... my hair looks so thick and full ... so there.)

Katie Anne loves to write letters on her Magna Doodle, too.  Lately, she's really been into writing the letters O, H, and i a lot.  I think she might have a future as a Special Ed. teacher ... OHI is the abbreviation for "Other Health Impaired".

Or, perhaps she's diagnosing me ... my palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis does qualify under OHI!  

Regardless of her intentions, the Magna Doodle is still awesome.  I am very thankful for the person who invented Magna Doodles!


Kelly said...

Magna Doodle fans over here, too!

Vanessa said...

We love magna doodle too! Lily has 2 and they certainly are our go-to toy when we are out and about!