Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rocking the Vote!

Today was Primary Voting Day, and Katie Anne and I did our civic duty this morning and voted.
She "researched the candidates" (well, she read the well-memorized A Very Hungry Caterpillar out loud) on the way to the polling site.
Then, we headed in to cast our vote.  It was a short line - maybe 15 people ahead of us - and it only took us a few minutes.  Then, we got our stickers and were off to the grocery store! 
It didn't seem like a good idea to take a picture for civic duty documentation purposes inside the polling place.  While I didn't see a sign that said "No Flash Photography", I figured that - if you can't take pictures on the floor of a casino - you probably can't take pictures inside a polling place.  So, here are two pictures of KA sporting her "I'm a Georgia Voter!" sticker.

Of course, who else voted?  Peach!

We voted!  Have you?

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