Monday, July 26, 2010

Katie Anne's Gymnastics Class

Tonight is Katie Anne's last class of summer gymnastics.  She's spent each Monday night this summer at the gym, and she has absolutely loved it!  We've really been impressed with what she has learned and what she can do - she's really great at gymnastics!  Since she enjoys it so much and it is a great way for her to run around, stretch, and get some energy out, we've signed her up for fall gymnastics, too.  She'll take next week off, and then start back - at a new, bigger gym - on August 9.  She is very excited about continuing to take gymnastics classes and going to the "yellow gym" in a few weeks!
My camera doesn't take pictures in the gym, so my mom took some pictures with her super camera of Katie Anne doing all her gymnastics things in class!

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Kelly said...

Looks like she loves it. We are wavering between dance and gymnastics for Bella. She loves both. Going with dance this fall just to see if she likes it more or less. So many choices!