Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girls' Day Out

On Thursday of our vacation, Daddy and Granddad played their last round of vacation golf in the morning.  So, Gigi, Katie Anne, and I headed down to some of the cute shops in Rosemary Beach.  There are lots of cute, unique shops at Rosemary that are fun to visit.  We love to go to two of the stores there - The Sugar Shak and Gigi's Fabulous Toys!
The Sugar Shak is absolutely filled with all kinds of fun candy - it is a little kid's dream store!
Katie Anne was fascinated by all the candy/toy combos:
After Katie Anne made her (many) candy selections and Gigi bought them for her, we headed outside to the little tables to enjoy our treats.
Katie Anne got two Laffy Taffy candies, a Hello Kitty candy necklace, and a lollipop.  Gigi and I kept it simple with two delicious cherry cordials.
While we were snacking, a ladybug flew up to check us out.  Katie Anne got to hold it on her hand and was fascinated by it:
Then, it was off to Gigi's Fabulous Toys - another kids' paradise!  
Gigi's is the neatest little shop.  It has all kinds of unique toys, dress up clothes, and even a selection of whimsical real outfits for kids.  It is jam-packed with all kinds of fun stuff.  
Katie Anne spent 30 minutes looking around in there before we dragged her away, but she could've easily shopped a lot longer!  She loves that store.
Two scurvy pirates!
Katie Anne and Mom shopping:
Gigi and Katie Anne taking a break:
Even Batgirl needs a rest every now and then!
After we finished our shopping, we met the guys for lunch at George's.  We'd only been there for dinner before, but it has a fabulous lunch menu, too.  Gigi, Granddad, and Daddy had the famous grouper sandwich, I had the chicken fajita wrap, and Katie Anne had the cheesy frog pasta.  (No real frogs in there ... just green and white frog pasta shapes!)  We'll definitely be going back for lunch there next time we're near Alys Beach!

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