Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to School for Mommy

This week, I went back to work to get my classroom ready for school.  The school was not open to all teachers, but luckily my boss let me work this week and get my classroom unpacked while I had help.  My parents, Jillian, and Saunders's parents came to help me this week, and we got lots and lots of things done.  Here are some pictures of the project...
Our first look at the classroom last weekend:
Work day 1 ... Furniture moving day:
Work Day 2 ... Making progress:
Work Day 3 ... Beginning to look like a real classroom:

The classroom is 99% ready for school to begin!  Now that pre-planning has officially started (my first "real" day of work was Friday), I can focus on planning and getting ready for my long-term sub instead getting the room ready.  I really like the arrangement in my new classroom - I actually think I like it better than the way my old classroom was arranged.  I'll take a final picture or two before school starts next week!

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