Friday, September 4, 2009

EBay ... Crazy

Okay, first of all ... I have made a command decision about something.

That decision is:
I cannot make smocked bishop dresses.

At least, I cannot make them at this time. Maybe one day, when my life slows way down (and I don't have anyone small enough to wear smocked bishop dresses), I can make them. Maybe I'll make them for my grandkids. Or, for my fourth kid, when Katie Anne is old enough to watch all the kids while I sew. But, for right now, making a bishop dress, smocking it, and embroidering it is just too much for me to tackle.

So, with that decision in mind, I really wanted Katie Anne to have some bishop dresses to wear. They look so comfortable and cute at the same time. My friend Vanessa has told me she gets great deals on them on Ebay, so I decided to take a look.

Well, I found bishop dresses that I liked. Lots of them. And, I guess somewhere in my little mind, I thought that bidding on them would not really cost me any money. It was kind of like make-believe money or something... I'd just bid, and see what happened, with no real thought to what my total would be. Cute dress? Bid Now. Cute dress? Bid Now. So, with my limit of "no more than $30 per dress" in my mind, bid I did ...

All in all, I bid on 8 dresses. All of these (at less than $30) were great deals. However, after all my giddy little bids were placed, I did the math ... and realized ... that I'd agreed to pay roughly $240 for bishop dresses. Plus shipping. Yikes.

So, for the past few days, I have been PRAYING to lose some bids. I have never, ever in my life, hoped this hard to lose. I was checking my email all the time, hoping that I got that email that said "Sorry, you have lost this bid". Luckily, I did.

I won three bids - which is great. I got out for less than $90 total. I won one Christmas dress (the white with candy canes), one Halloween dress (the solid orange with spiders), and one Thanksgiving dress (the orange gingham with turkeys). Add that to the one red corduroy bishop dress with Christmas trees that I've already bought for Katie Anne to wear in our Christmas card pictures, and I think she's set. And, I lost five bids... thank goodness!

Whew- keep this girl off Ebay! I've got no self control!


Carrie Beth said...

How ended up with one for each holiday. They look adorable and I'm sure that Katie Ann will look precious in the dresses. I love smocked dresses too!

Vanessa said...

I'ved done the same's so scary when you realize you've bid on much more than you can have! Cute dresses though - I love how sweet little girls look in smocked bishop dresses!