Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snow White Progress

Snow White's Progress... 
Day 2 - Bodice complete, sleeves attached:

Day 3 - Skirt panels sewn together, gathered, and attached to bodice, but we still need a zipper:

Day 4 - Zipper installed... so dress is complete except for hemming!


I'm pretty happy with this zipper.  I didn't realize my sewing machine came with a zipper foot (duh) until now.  So, I used it this time, and I think this is the best zipper I've done.  Amazing how the proper tool can make a job so much easier!

I will try the dress on the Little Snow White tonight and mark where the hem should be.  I have a feeling this little dress is very, very, very long and will need a lot of hemming.  Then, I shall sew her up!  I'll probably finish it tonight after Katie Anne gets in bed.

I am seeing that this skirt isn't nearly as poofy as I expected or wanted it to be.  The doll-sized dress calls for a tulle underskirt to be made for extra fluffiness.  I didn't buy the tulle yet in case I needed to make a Katie Anne-sized tulle skirt, too.  Looks like I'll need to do that!  I'm also going to try it on with the long pantaloons I made for Katie Anne's Easter Dress (if I still have them... wonder where they are... hmm?) and see if that helps with fluffing up the skirt.

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