Sunday, September 6, 2009

Katie Anne's Visit with Greg and Jillian

Yesterday, Katie Anne spent the afternoon with Greg and Jillian! Greg called last week and invited her over for Saturday afternoon fun, and she literally could not wait. She was so excited all week long! Every day, she would ask if today was the day she got to go to their house. She even cried on Thursday after school because it wasn't time for her to go.

All day yesterday, Katie Anne was pumped about her upcoming fun. She had a little bit of nervousness and separation tears as they pulled out of the driveway (which of course, breaks a momma's heart), but I knew she would have a blast, and she did! Jillian texted me that she'd stopped crying by the time they reached the end of the neighborhood and was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider for them in the car.

She had such a great time going to the bouncy house place Jumptoons, making cookies and pizza, and watching Kung Fu Panda! She told us all about it in great detail ... even that she got to ride a horse. We kind of didn't believe that part of her big story and thought that might just be an active two-year-old imagination, but apparently it is true because I saw the picture! Jillian has a Smilebox of pictures from the day on her blog ... click here to view it.

Thanks, Greg and Jillian, for the fun day! She LOVED it!

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Jillian said...

We're so glad she had fun, because we certainly did!! We'll do it again soon I hope =)