Saturday, September 26, 2009

The "Puppy" Skirt... aka Sewing Fail

Well, as you may recall from my previous Snow White posts, I thought the satin skirt didn't have enough fluffiness to it.  So, I had the idea to make an underskirt to poof it out.  Well, my idea was a crinoline like you wear under a wedding dress.  But, Hobby Lobby was woefully understocked in fluffy material.  So, the guy in the sewing section and I brainstormed some ideas, and we considered several factors, including the time factor, money factor, sewing effort factor, and itchiness factor.  We thought of a stuffed underskirt, made of the same satin as the dress skirt and filled with Poly-Fil.  So, I purchased the materials (luckily, only about $6.00 of stuff), and sewing commenced at home.  In just a few minutes (okay, right at an hour), the underskirt was finished!

It looks a little like a big yellow Santa bag:

But there is a hole in the middle for legs:

I presented it to Katie Anne and told her it was a puffy skirt, which she immediately called the puppy skirt.  She was very excited about wearing the puppy skirt, but...

It is too big.  Too big in the waist, and I don't know how.  I measured her that morning, and made the elastic waist to fit, but I think the skirt is so heavy that it pulls the waist down.  Also, it is too long... maybe because I made it too long, maybe because it doesn't sit high enough on the waist.

It does add some oomph to the skirt, but I don't know that the added volume is worth the trouble of remaking it.  If I decide to use it, I'm going to have to shorten it a lot and redo the waistband to make it tighter.

So, for now, we're not using the "puppy" skirt.  I'm going to pull out the elastic from the waist and the Poly-Fil from the inside of the skirt and save it for something else later.  I'm probably going to just let her go without a puffy layer underneath.  Once we add the cape, that will probably be enough oomph.


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Oh, I LOVE it!!! KA makes the perfect Snow White!!

Jillian said...

The costume looks fantastic!! With or without the skirt!!

Carrie Beth said...

I thought the previous post you did with her modeling the costume looked great so I wouldn't worry about redoing the puffy skirt if I were you.