Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everyone's Getting Haircuts!

This last week, haircuts have been a trend in the Jones household. Of course, I got my big change haircut this week, which I'm totally loving, by the way. It takes me about 10 minutes from soaking wet to totally fixed each morning!

Katie Anne also got a haircut recently. She and I went yesterday morning to get her second official trim. I left her hair longer this summer so we could do styles that would keep her cooler like ponytails and pig tails, but she was looking shaggy and in need of a trim, so I thought we'd start off fall with a fresh cut for her, too. I did not intend for her hair to be this short, but she was a little afraid that the lady would cut her with the scissors. So, when she felt the scissors on the back of her neck, she jumped, resulting in a first snip about half an inch shorter than intended. So, we just matched the rest up to that, and she wound up with a short cut very similar to her mommy's! I think it looks really cute on her, and it really keeps the hair out of her eyes. Also, her hair had gotten too heavy for barrettes, so the new short 'do opens up a whole new world of hair styling options now that we can use her barrettes again. Here's some pictures of her, before and after ...

Carseat before (God bless her, she's got her momma's thin little hair):
"Looking into the distance" before:
The back before:
Side view before:

And ...

Super sweet front view after:
The back after:
Side view after:
Sporting a little barrette after:
Carseat, with big smile and lollipop, after:
Just another one
(because who can stop themselves when your kid's posing this hard and is this cute) after:

Then, Abby and Ginger went to the groomer themselves this week. Abby really doesn't need her hair cut, but it does make it shorter, which makes her shedding slightly less noticeable when the hairs are smaller. Ginger, on the other hand, requires frequent grooming. See, I've discovered something about dogs. Dogs, like everything else I guess, have their plusses and minuses. Ginger - plus: no shedding, minus: frequent haircuts. Abby - plus: rarely needs haircuts, minus: constantly sheds hair. Ginger - minus: often smells very "doggy", plus: small and easy to bathe. Abby - minus: hates being bathed, plus: never smells doggy; smells often of cheese popcorn, strangely enough.

Anyway, I digress... back to the haircuts:
Ginger the Mountain Dog:After-
Ginger the Very Cute and Serious Squirrel Hunter:
Abby, who always looks so terrified in pictures:After:
Abby, smiling and happier this time!
Why do they always try to wrestle when I want to take their picture together?

Now, the only person in our house without a brand-new haircut is Saunders!

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Trisha said...

get it buzzed, saunders!!! everyone else is going short!