Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whoa- Our New School Vocabulary

The scene: Just a few minutes ago, while Saunders was flipping through the channels on the tv, I was posting about my new haircut, and Katie Anne was playing with her dolls and stroller...

Katie Anne: "Duckhead."
Me: "What? What did you say?"
Katie Anne: "Duckhead."
Me: "Duckhead?"
Katie Anne: "Yeah, duckhead."
Me: "Hey, Saunders (he starts paying attention)... Katie Anne, what did you say?"
Katie Anne: "I said duckhead. Just like Fisher."
Saunders: "What does Fisher say?"
Katie Anne: "He says duckhead. And Miss Angela says, 'No saying duckhead, Fisher.' "
Saunders: "That's what Miss Angela says?"
Katie Anne: "Yep. She says, 'No saying duckhead.' Oh, and she says, 'No saying stupid, Fisher.' "
Saunders: "Did you say stupid?"
Katie Anne: "Well, Fisher says that. And Miss Angela tells him not to."
Me: "Oh, yeah. We don't say stupid. Mommy and Daddy don't like those words."
Katie Anne: "Nope, nice girls don't say that. And nice boys, either."

Thank you, Fisher. Thank you very much for today's two new words.

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The Brown Family said...

How much you wanna bet me that "duckhead" was something else? Nasty little foul-mouthed boys! LOL! That's like Addison calling her Daddy a "boot" the other day.