Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snow White Progress

Here are some pictures of Snow White's progress.  I got a lot of work done yesterday, and it is looking really good!  It is some seriously complicated sewing, but I am progressing!

Snow White's pieces all cut out and organized... it took me a lot longer than I thought just to cut out the pieces because I had to cut really carefully on the satin.
Next step... darts (whew- lots of darts) put in all bodice pieces.  Gold piping made and inserted between front bodice panels.  Lining made and sewn in, along with fusible interfacing.  Basically, bodice construction is complete.
Next, sleeves constructed.  I thought I'd go a little "off pattern" on the sleeves and not do the red tear drop applique.  I don't think the tear drops look authentic to the real Snow White, so I slit each light blue sleeve piece into pieces and inset red "pleats" in between the light blue sections.  Easy to think of, complicated to do, but I'm not sure the applique would've been any easier.  
Here's the first step of the sleeve creation...

And then here's the sleeves post-gathering (I'm starting to connect the sleeve casing to the bottom of one)...
So you can see better what I'm talking about, Katie Anne models the semi-constructed sleeve.  See how authentic it looks with the red peeking out of the light blue pleats?  (Trisha, how do you think they turned out so far?)
Also, we purchased some spectacular red sparkly shoes for Snow White at Target.  (Of course, Snow White should wear gold flats.  However, since the cheapest pair I can find are these - and if you want the Suri Cruise pair, try these  from Bonpoint at just $230 - we're going with the $12.99 pair from Target.  Plus, she loves them.  Plus, they're a touch of the Dorothy costume I'd dreamed of.  So, they work!)
The work continues!  More updates to come!

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Trisha said...

Carlton was asking me, "What's wrong?" as I was reading this entry. "I'm so jealous of Katie Anne!"

The costume is looking out-of-this-world fantastic, and the sleeves are PERFECT! I think it was a great idea to change them out to be more authentic. (At first, I thought the sleeve material you had purchased was silver, and I was freaking out! But later pictures in the post showed that the sleeves were actually light blue like they should be.)

I can't wait to see everything complete! Is Katie Anne getting excited about it?