Thursday, September 24, 2009

Super Toddler Deals!

This week, I found some amazing toddler deals at school.  A second grade teacher was selling some of her daughter's winter clothes from last year, and I grabbed three things...

A cute sweater from The Children's Place, perfect for daycare wear:

A sweet Valentine's denim jumper from Old Navy which just needs a little ironing:

And - the best find of all - a precious quilted velvet dressy coat from Gap, which will look awesome over pretty bishop dresses and such this winter:

Guess how much I paid for all three things?
Insane!?!? Yes!!!

Here's Katie Anne modeling the new finds... she was feeling quite silly today.

(I really think the khaki pants and adult black dress shoes make the jumper outfit complete.)

And, just to prove how weird and totally unpredictable the sizes in children's clothing are...
The Gap jacket is a 24-36 months.
The Children's Place sweater is a 4T.
The Old Navy jumper is a 5T.


Anjie said...

Awesome deal! Weird how the sizes are so different.

Vanessa said...

I love the coat!! Great deals!!