Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writing Her Own Name

Katie Anne has now started trying to write her own name on all her school work.  On almost all the papers that come home in her daily folder, we see where she's tried to write her name.

It always looks the same... three sets of zig-zaggy, triangular-looking lines of "letters".  She knows what each "word" says, and she'll point to them for you - Katie Anne Jones.  Sometimes Katie is very long and the other two are short or vice versa, but she always does three groups because she knows there are three words in her name.  (Wish some of my kindergartners knew that... sigh.  We're working on it.)  So far, the only letters she can really write consistently on her own are O's and V's, but she's trying to write Katie Anne Jones!
So cute!

Last week, her teacher Ms. Angela was absent for a few days (she's just finishing up her first trimester of her first pregnancy).  So, a teacher from the preschool class subbed for her.  When I picked Katie Anne up, the teacher said that, for lack of anything else she knew to do with two-year-olds, she went over their letters with them and asked them to name them.  She doesn't have kids of her own, has taught only four-year-olds for the past three years, and didn't realize that most of them wouldn't be able to do it.  But, she said that Katie Anne did awesome!  Most of the other kids knew 0-3 letters on sight, but Katie Anne knew almost all of them!  The teacher asked her to name them a second time so she could count how many she knew - she only missed four!  I'm surprised my head could fit through the door of the classroom - I was so proud!

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cindy glawson said...

That baby girl is something! She will be writing her name by Christmas. :)