Monday, September 21, 2009

Update to Mr. Golden Sun

Katie Anne watched the videos on the Mr. Golden Sun post, and she is really insistent about something this morning (yes, we're both up bright and early ... and watching videos of herself while the dogs eat breakfast and my coffee brews).  She wants me to add that what she was trying to say in the second video was...

"Kindermusik is a quiet game, just like the funeral home."

She could never think of the end of her sentence last Thursday when I made the video, but when she saw it, she said, "I meant the funeral home.  Kindermusik is a quiet game, just like the funeral home.  Put that part on the laptop, too." 

And, she is correct.  Kindermusik, and especially the funeral home, are quiet places.


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

That's hilarious! I loved her saying it in the first video ... perhaps she's heard it said a few times?

The funeral home part was too much. Smart cookie!

cindy glawson said...

Funny! I went back and watched, "Mr. Golden Sun" and felt her pain. Tell her that this is the way GiGi lives everyday.

Carrie Beth said...

She cracks me up!