Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Baby Shower!

Yesterday, my mom was hosting a baby shower for Danielle, the daughter of her good friend Patty, and Jillian and I came along to help. The shower was really cute! All the guests had a good time, Mom did a great job on the food, and we ran three games - baby food tasting, baby facts, and nursery rhymes fill-in-the-blank, which were big hits.

Unfortunately, as the shower was winding down, my throat started really hurting. I thought maybe it was because I was sitting next to the door where some guests had gone outside to smoke. As we were cleaning up and loading the cars, I just felt worse and worse, and I knew it wasn't the smoke. So, now I'm totally sick. Boo!


Vanessa said...

I hate you're not feeling well! It must be in the air, as I came down with the same thing late yesterday! Feel better soon!!

cindy glawson said...

My goodness, do you two just look so young or do I just look so old? Thanks so much for the help, it sure made it easier! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

The Dillards said...

I had the sore throat this weekend too. Isn't it horrible how it strikes on the weekend when we are supposed to be having fun?