Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday at Tellus!

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Saunders took off today and tomorrow to spend a little Spring Break with Katie Anne and me. So, this morning, we went to Tellus - The Northwest Georgia Science Museum. I'd been to Tellus with my class a few weeks ago, and I knew Katie Anne and Saunders would love it! I bought my educator's pass today, so now Katie Anne and I can go for free from now until this time next year!

We had a wonderful time exploring the dinosaur exhibit, "My Big Backyard", and digging for fossils. We didn't even get around to the planetarium, the mineral museum, the transportation museum*, and we barely got to try gold panning. So, we've got lots of things to go back and do!

*A little story about the transportation museum... when we were walking through there to get to the fossil dig and gold panning, I told Katie Anne that the sign said "Please don't touch." As we walked past the train, a boy about Katie Anne's age was touching the train. His family was getting on to him, but Katie Anne took it upon herself to stop in front of the train, cross her arms in front of her belly just like the Tellus employees, and say, "Please don't touch, please don't touch," in this serious little voice. Everyone standing around, including the boy's parents, thought it was hilarious! I don't think the boy found it very funny, though. :) Here's a picture of her doing it... it's a little dark in that part of the museum, so it is kind of hard to see.As we were leaving the fossil dig, our last adventure at the museum, Katie Anne said, "I love Tellus," right as we walked past two Tellus employees! They thought that was just great. Of course, they had to stop her and talk to her about all her favorite parts. :) She said it herself- she loves Tellus!

I would recommend anyone who hasn't seen the museum to come up and visit. Kids under 3 get in for free, kids over 3 pay $8, and adults are $12. Teachers get a yearlong pass for $35! Anyone who wants to go with Katie Anne and me, come on! ... And yes, Doc - Katie Anne's planning to take all the grandparents on guided tours this summer break. :)

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