Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Green Thumbs

Today, Katie Anne and I decided to do a little gardening. A few weeks ago, we'd gotten her a little Veggie Tales gardening kit from Home Depot. It was only $4.99, and she was super excited to choose one. She got the snapdragon version.

Then, Doc and VJ gave Katie Anne four little Easter egg planters in her basket. (Only two lived to tell the tale... one got thrown from the car seat and cracked on the drive home from the Easter egg hunt, and one got smashed on the patio this afternoon while the label was being removed one-handed. She broke one and I broke one... you decide which is which.) So, we had some gardening projects to do.

We went out on the patio and had a great time planting and watering after school. Now, we've got growing: one egg with thyme, one egg with impatiens, and six little pots with snapdragons in them. Here are some pictures of our planting adventures. Hopefully, Katie Anne will have better luck with the green stuff than her mommy does! We'll update with our gardening progress as we go.

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