Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mommy, Wow! I'm a Big Kid Now!

This weekend, we really realized how much Katie Anne is growing up. She's definitely more of a big kid now than a baby! Every day, there are so many moments that show us just how much she's changed in the last two years. Here are some cases in point...

~ Katie Anne is getting really proficient at drinking out of a regular cup. I don't think sippy cups are totally out of the picture any time in the near future - they're still a must in the car - but it is still crazy to me that she can drink without spilling a drop! One day last week, I picked her up while her class was still on the playground, and Ms. Amanda gave her a cup of apple juice "to go". She walked all the way to the car with it, drinking as she walked, and never spilled any! So big.

~ Yesterday, while I was dying of sickness but trying to pretend that I felt fine on the hammock, Katie Anne and Saunders were playing outside in the yard. She was way over in the pinestraw part, playing in her little house. When she saw two people walking their dogs on the street, she took off running - in flip flops - over to the fence. She never tripped, and she was going fast. Then, when she got to the fence, she yelled, "Hi, people! Hi, doggies!" They said hey back to her, and she just waved and waved... it was so funny because she did a little beauty queen wave. Then, when they kept walking, she yelled, "Bye, people! Bye, doggies!," ran back to her house, and kept playing. What a little grown-up.

~ Today, when we were in the car, she was watching her new Strawberry Shortcake movie. She was singing along with one of the songs, and getting most of the words right! She's only seen the video twice. Growing up too fast.

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Pat said...

Yes they do grow up too fast!!! Enjoy every minute!