Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Jones Family Easter Breakfast & Egg Hunt

This morning, we met Saunders's parents and grandmother at the Country Club for breakfast with the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt. In spite of the cool, wet weather, we had a fun time!
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Katie Anne was a little creeped out by the teenager dressed up as the Easter Bunny, but she did really enjoy the pack of Smarties she got. She ate a big breakfast of eggs with cheese, melon, muffins, and hash browns. Katie Anne loved the Easter lamb basket/purse and ceramic egg planters that VJ brought her, but her favorite thing by far was the sparkly Easter grass. Unfortunately, an untimely spreading of Easter grass throughout the dining room of the Country Club, and the subsequent almost-fit when she was made to stop, led Daddy to secretly trash the sparkly grass.

Then, it was time for the egg hunt! We met up with lots of little friends Katie Anne knew, including the McWhorters and the Shaws, at the rope line. There was a long wait before the hunt, and all the little kids did not understand why they couldn't start picking up eggs right away. Katie Anne used that time to talk strategy with Lily and Bear as well as do some "baby trash talking" with the little Womack boy next to us... he stuck his basket over the rope, so she stuck hers a little further, back and forth until they'd both reached as far as they could over the line while giving each other dirty looks. It was very funny to Paula -his mommy- and me!

Finally, they dropped the rope, and the hunt was on. The grass where the eggs were was very damp, and the eggs were covered in wet grass. Katie Anne rushed out and grabbed an egg, but immediately threw it down and said, "Eww... the eggs nasty." Then, she wouldn't pick any others up for several minutes because they were "too gross". Those precious minutes of lost time cost Katie Anne big by the time she decided to actually brave the nastiness and gather eggs... she got seven total before they were swept up in the big kid wave of hunters. But, that was fine, because there wasn't any candy in the eggs that she could eat anyway, so it is best that we didn't waste any more. She did a really sweet thing during the hunt ... Smith Weaver, a little boy about one year old, was with his mommy, who was trying to get him to gather an egg or two. Katie Anne realized he didn't have any eggs in his basket, so she picked up the two around him and put them in his basket, saying, "Here you go, baby, here you go." Cute!

At the end of the hunt, she met up with Lily and Bear to survey their gatherings and find Doc, who'd wisely stayed out of the wet field. Then, we marched our little grassy selves back to the car to head home for a much-needed nap! It was a fun breakfast and hunt!

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Vanessa said...

Cute pictures! Katie Anne's dress looked great too! I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter tomorrow!