Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing Thank You Notes

If you gave KA a gift for her birthday, but you haven't gotten a thank you note from Katie Anne yet, they are on their way tomorrow. I ordered some cards from Snapfish, and we got them yesterday. Today, she "wrote" her thank you notes, and she was very excited to do it.


Jillian said...

I read it! lol

Trisha said...

I LOVE my vellum writers! Vespa got into by black one which I was using to keep track of my knitting pattern (tally marks for each round). Alas, no more black.

Rest assured, I PROMISE YOU, KA's birthday gift is being shipped out today. No need for a secondary thank-you card if one is already being sent. I'd just like to see her playing with it!

Staceybby said...

Just so you know...her birthday present is still sitting in my bedroom. As always, things have been crazy and time has gotten away from me. I will get it in the mail to you SOON. Also, did you ever get a thank you note from us for Tripp's? It was sitting on the kitchen counter for a long time and it suddenly disappeared. I'm hoping that means my husband mailed it to you!