Monday, July 13, 2009

Bartender, Make Mine a "Totally White"

I've been meaning to put this story down in a post since we were on vacation, but I kept forgetting. So, here it is!

Saunders likes to drink Parrot Bay Rum and Fresca while on vacation, and he discovered last year - after trying and failing to convince many of us that this tastes good - that Jillian likes it, too. So, he makes this little concoction for himself and Jillian when we're all at the beach. On Wednesday night of our trip, we had a drink with our special dinner of Frogmore Stew. I had a Midori Sour, Greg had a whiskey sour, and my parents were drinking a margarita - so, everyone had a special, colorful drink except for Katie Anne. Of course, apple juice doesn't look nearly as appealing when you've got bright green, yellow, and frosty white drinks around the table. So, Katie Anne asked for a special drink.

Naturally, we weren't going to let her taste anything we had, so I thought I'd try to mix her up some special little non-alcoholic beverage. I started getting creative with Fresca, apple juice, a little sweet-and-sour mixer, and I actually thought it tasted really good! But no - she didn't even try it! She said, "I want what Daddy and Jillan got. I want a Totally White." We'd never called Saunders's drink invention anything, but that's what she named it -a "Totally White". We thought it was totally hilarious that she'd invented her own toddler-friendly mixed beverage, complete with its own name! So, Katie Anne drank her "Totally Whites" for the rest of the week and loved them! We'd come in from the beach or pool, and she would say, "Make me a Totally White! Lots of ice!"

In case you want to make a "Totally White" yourself,
here's the recipe:

One small glass
Diet Sprite
Splash of apple juice


Katie Anne thinks this will overtake the Shirley Temple as the most popular kids speciality beverage.
Remember people, you saw it here first! :)


Trisha said...

haha, i love it! i'll have to try it next time i stock up on sprite.

cindy glawson said...

HAHA Funny!