Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Visit from the Crocs Fairy!

While we were at Marvin's party on Friday night, we had a visit from the Crocs Fairy! Magically, six pairs of Crocs were left on our front porch while we were away. Five pairs were for me...

Pale khaki/green flats:

Teal flats:

Brown flats:

Brown and pink heels:

Black heels:

And, there was even a little fur-lined brown pair for Katie Anne:

"Big Lily" aka Dora wanted a picture of her shoes, too:

Who left us all these surprises?
Who is the Crocs Fairy, you ask?

It is Saunders's mom, Vicki! She saw all these Crocs on sale at Orvis, and she stocked me up!
Thanks a lot, Vicki!

The best part is that none of these are flip flops, so I can wear them all to work in a few weeks. (Our new principal doesn't allow teachers to wear flip flops.) So, when I combine these with the flats I got for Mother's Day and heels I got for Christmas, I'm all set with comfy and yet professional-looking shoes for teaching! And, when you throw in my Crocs flip flops for non-work wear, my closet looks like a Crocs store! :) I love them all!


Jillian said...

Man that is SWEEEET! Go VJ! I like the brown criss-cross strapped flats and the heels...NICE!

Trisha said...

That's hilarious! I would love to see your shoes all lined up in a happy, cushy row of color. Vicki buys all good things in bulk! And what a nice present to come home to.

Carrie Beth said...

I'm a big crocs fan too, but I love those flats you got. Super cute!

cindy glawson said...

So sweet of VJ!!!