Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Note about Vacation Posts

My apologies if you're thinking, "Dear Lord, Katie's doing an overload of vacation posts! Multiple posts per day? Why doesn't she just do a summary Smilebox slideshow and call it a day?"

Well, dare I say it? I'm about... (...gasp...) ...8 months behind in my scrapbooking. That's right... eight. There's just no way I can stay caught up on all the pictures I take if I scrap them all, even by saving the time I do through doing them digitally. And, when you throw in other hobbies and chores and things, I am just woefully behind. I also have to consider how I'll ever keep up with it once I have another kid, too!

I hope to remedy this situation by changing my format a little bit and going with partial scrapbook/partial photoalbum option that Archiver's now carries. (I'm sure I'll go into more detail on that later once I start/buy the pages.) But, until then, I am using the blog as a pseudo scrapbooking memory record/event diary/list of pages to do.

So, feel free to scroll through my high volume of posts and just hit the high points if my over-blogging occassionally wears you out. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to follow every move we make and see every cute picture we take ... this is "Keeping Up with Us" after all ... but I can understand a rare day of blog-reading exhaustion, and I will forgive you for skimming. :)


Carrie Beth said...

I gave up on scrapbooking a long time ago. :-( I did Handley's first year and that is it. A friend of mine does really big photo books for each of her kids each year and I think I'm going to start that tradition. I loved seeing your pictures and reading all about your trip.

Tara said...

hey. Thank you for you comments on my latest post. I broke down in the car after library time this AM. I get so frusterated and since I am with him ALL day I feel like it is all up to me to figure it out. Overwhelming. He is simply terrible at toddler time. He knows when he is being naughty and it breaks my heart but I am gearing up for some new discipline startegies. Thanks for making me feel not so alone in this parenting thing.