Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Preparation Begins... and I've got a great helper!

I got a call from a teacher on my team last week that we could work in our classrooms beginning yesterday, and several of my co-workers were meeting at the school at 10:00 to start working. We also had a called meeting with our new principal and AP for this morning at 10:00, so I called and let KA's daycare know she'd be dropping in today. I didn't want to take her to daycare for two days, so she went with me to the classroom to work on Monday.

I brought a big bag full of things for her to do, including Play-Doh, crayons and coloring books, sticker books, and Little People, but it turns out we didn't really need it! Katie Anne was more than willing to help me work on getting the room organized! I was totally surprised by how hard she worked - for an hour and a half with almost no stopping or redirection needed - and by how much she did! She took off all the "K. Jones - Room 807" labels, peeled all the tape off the filing cabinet drawers, pulled off the butcher paper covering the bookshelves, threw away trash, swept the floor, and helped me move rolling shelves, chairs, and stools into place. I'm not kidding when I say she was very helpful - she did a ton of work!

Here are some pictures of our progress...

The view when we first walked in:

Yikes, what a tower to unpack:

My little helper:

"Mom, stop taking pictures and get back to work!"

The view as we were leaving after an hour and a half of working:

I know it doesn't look like much of a change, but it really looks good for this point in the preparation process. Also, it turns out that we really shouldn't have gone into our classrooms on Monday... our boss told us today that he'd gotten a firm email after he'd let us in saying that we shouldn't come back until July 27. So, I'll pause until then on in-classroom work. Trust me, there's PLENTY of out-of-classroom work that I need to work on before school starts! I've got about a mile of laminating to cut out... sigh. Anyone want to come help? It's BYOS -Bring Your Own Scissors!

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Sarah said...

Call me crazy, but I LOVE cutting out laminating. I guess that's one good thing about being a teacher - I get to do lots of it. If I were closer, I would totally come help... although I would have to dig my scissors out of my desk first. :)