Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

On Thursday, the whole family spent the morning swimming in the Sea Crest pool. It is so wonderful... five separate side-by-side pools, so everyone's spread out, and it doesn't feel crowded at all. There are two smaller, square pools that are 4' deep, one round pool with a big fountain and large steps that's perfect for kids - only 3' deep - and one big deep pool with three waterfalls for adult swim.

Katie Anne loved showing off her swimming skills for Greg and Jillian. She's such a little flippy fish - all that time swimming at Doc and VJ's this summer has really paid off! With her floaties on, she kicks, floats on her back, puts her face underwater, spins around... all kinds of sweet moves! We had a great time swimming and relaxing together.

All smiles when she's in the pool!
Kicking her feet so hard!
Spraying Daddy with her new spray gun
Mommy has the job of holding the currently un-played-with pool toys in case Katie Anne wants them later.Gigi and Greg lounging.
Jillian and Greg with a poolside pose.
We tried a little pose of our own...
And some crazy swimming girl dove right into the drink!

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